Teen Driver Education and Safety Resources

Get all the information and tools you need to help you and your teen move through the learning-to-drive process: from sample test questions to Arizona driving laws and discounts on insurance.

Keys 2 Drive - AAA Guide to Teen Driver Safety

This interactive teen driving website provides state-specific information based on where your teen is in the process — from learning to drive, through the permit stage, to solo driving.

Driver Education Workshops

Permit Prep Challenge - Free pre-permit workshop

AAA’s new 90-minute program – free for parents and teens – is a game show style workshop that offers education and resources to teens preparing to take their written permit test. 

Teen Driver Insurance Discounts

teenSMART® - Computer-based driver tutorial

This computer-based driver tutorial will not only help your teen become a safer driver, but it can also save you some money. 

AAA Approved Driving Schools

Approved Driving School Network 

We’ve done the homework to find the best driving school for your needs. AAA has a stringent list of criteria a driving school must meet to become AAA Approved.

Additional Driver Training Resources

Teaching Your Teens to Drive

This DVD and workbook combination is helpful if you choose to teach your teenager to drive.  The program consists of 13 lessons to help develop safe driving skills.


This computer-based program helps teens recognize and avoid driving hazards. The DVD puts teens into 100 live-action situations – the equivalent of several years of actual driving.