Senior Driver Resources

Roadwise Driver

The Roadwise Driver course is a great option for anyone 55 years of age or older who would like the convenience of taking a course that is designed to make it easy to learn at your own pace. Plus, this in-person or online course also qualifies for a AAA Insurance discount!

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Lifelong Driver

Designed specifically for drivers 55 years and older, Lifelong Driver is a fun and engaging computer-based program that includes realistic driving simulations to quickly sharpen your driving skills.

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CarFit is a free educational program that offers mature drivers the opportunity to check how well your personal vehicles "fit" you. Call your nearest AAA office to schedule an appointment.

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This one-stop online resource offers information, resources, and advice for mature drivers and their families. Learn how you can start a conversation about driving with a loved one, or discover how you can address common aging issues while maintaining your independence.

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The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has partnered with Posit Science to bring you DriveSharp — a software program that is clinically proven to help drivers see more, react faster, and cut crash risk by up to 50percent. Measure your current crash risk and learn how DriveSharp can improve it.

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Keeping the Keys

This AAA course is available by request for groups and organizations. It is aimed at keeping senior drivers safer, while enabling them to earn a discount on their auto insurance.

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