Driver-ZED is a computer-based DVD software program that helps novice drivers (teens) recognize and avoid driving hazards. "ZED" stands for Zero Errors Driving, where zero errors results in a perfect score of...well...0!

The driver-ZED DVD puts you into 100 live-action situations – the equivalent of several years of actual driving. You'll face everything from a child chasing a ball into the street to dangerous two-lane passing. You'll learn how to see danger by actually experiencing it on your computer instead of behind the wheel.

Driver-ZED offers four kinds of challenges across multiple venues of highway driving, in-town driving, driving in the country, and driving through work zones:

  1. SCAN! presents a short video clip and asks you what you've seen. You'll score for correct answers. Sounds easy? Wait until you try it.
  2. SPOT! shows a longer clip, then stops the action and asks you to click on the driving risks. You'll earn points for spotting real risks – but clicking on harmless stuff will get you nowhere.
  3. ACT! scenarios challenge you to spot the risks and choose the right action. You'll "drive" through the scene until it stops and asks you what to do. Make the right choice and you're safe. Choose wrong and you're toast.
  4. DRIVE! takes you to the most realistic level, almost like being in a real car. You'll be driving down the road when suddenly there's a traffic problem. You choose when to act and what to do -- you better give ZED your full attention, or you'll crash!


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