Child Safety

Child Passenger Seat Checks

Using a child safety seat may seem easy enough, but according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, an estimated three out of four parents do not properly use child restraints. Fortunately, AAA has certified car seat technicians who can help. Contact the AAA Traffic Safety Educator to schedule an appointment.

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The Otto Club

This interactive online program introduces young children ages 4 to 7, or beyond, to Otto the auto and his friends, who help teach important traffic safety principles. This program not only enhances children's knowledge of pedestrian and bike safety, but it also allows them to practice reading, math, spelling, and other skills in a fun and functional way.

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Adult Crossing Guard Program

More than 1,000 school crossing guards across Arizona play a vital role in school safety each day. To help ensure the highest level of safety, AAA created the state's first Handbook for Adult Crossing Guards and designed highly visible safety gear.

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AAA School Safety Patrol

The AAA School Safety Patrol program instills students with a sense of responsibility and leadership as they help create a safer pedestrian environment for their fellow classmates. For more than 87 years, this program has been credited with reducing injuries and deaths amongst 5- to 14-year-olds, the age most at risk for pedestrian injury. Learn more about this program and how to start one at your school.

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Crossing Guard of the Year

Each year, AAA recognizes the crossing guard who best demonstrates outstanding dedication, friendliness, professionalism, and safety. If you know a crossing guard in your community who could be named our Crossing Guard of the Year.

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