AAA Applauds Tucson’s New Texting Ordinance

Phoenix, Ariz. Feb. 23, 2012. AAA Arizona applauds the Tucson City Council for recognizing the inherent dangers of texting while driving, as the auto club considers it to be the most dangerous traffic safety distraction impacting motorists and passengers.

AAA Arizona continues to seek a statewide ban on texting while driving, creating a uniform law that addresses this behavior across the state. Research shows that this is a law that the majority of Arizonans would support. In fact, a recent survey conducted by Behavior Research Center revealed that nearly eight out of 10 Arizona respondents support a texting while driving ban.

The auto club currently supports three bills at the legislature that address this issue:

  • SB 1056. Sponsored by Senator John McComish (R), this bill would prohibit teens from using wireless communication devices while operating a motor vehicle during the permit and first six months of the GDL phases, except for in emergency situations. This bill cleared the Senate in late Jan.

  • HB 2321 & HB 2512. Sponsored by Rep. Vic Williams (R) and Rep. Steve Urie (R), respectively, these bills would make the practice of texting while driving illegal for all drivers on Arizona roadways. HB 2321 has not yet received a hearing. HB 2512 passed out of the House Transportation Committee in late Jan.

Aside from Tucson, Phoenix is the only other municipality in Arizona that has a ban on texting while driving.