Pumpestroika: Prices Edge Up Only a Penny

Phoenix, March 27, 2014. Pump prices started to settle this week, with both statewide and national averages increasing almost a penny. Arizona’s average is $3.388 per gallon, while the national average is $3.536 per gallon.

 “While the statewide average started to settle over the last week, AAA expects prices will rise a bit more before peaking in the coming weeks,” said Linda Gorman, director of communications and public relations for AAA Arizona. “How much more prices rise will likely be dictated by the impact of seasonal refinery maintenance, which has been minimal this year.” 

Tucson and Flagstaff hold the low and high state fuel averages at $3.299 and $3.522 per gallon, respectively. South Carolina and California hold the lowest and highest average prices for the lower 48 states at $3.258 and $3.988 per gallon, respectively.



Today’s price

Change from last week

Change from last month

Last year’s price

East Valley
(Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe, Ahwatukee, Apache Junction, Queen Creek)




















Phoenix (city)










(Scottsdale, Fountain Hills)


























As an advocacy organization representing the motoring public, AAA offers a variety of free resources to help motorists keep fuel budgets in check, including: 

AAA’s Fuel Gauge Report includes data from gasoline stations in every Arizona community. Local prices in some communities might be higher or lower than the averages shown here. This service is updated daily by the Oil Price Information Service (OPIS) with average national, state and local prices for gasoline, diesel and E-85. Every day, more than 100,000 stations are surveyed in cooperation with Wright Express for unmatched statistical reliability.