Going Green: AAA Makes a Difference

For more than 85 years, AAA has served Arizona motorists with reliable automotive products and services. Over the last decade, the auto club has expanded its legacy by placing an emphasis on sustainability.

“As an organization that offers automotive solutions, AAA wants to be part of the environmental solution as well,” said Don Nunnari, vice president of automotive services for AAA Arizona. “That’s why we’ve created programs and expanded our services to reduce our impact on the environment and promote a greener Arizona.”

AAA Arizona’s green initiatives include:

  • Great Battery Roundup. Improperly stored and discarded vehicle batteries create safety hazards for humans, animals and the environment. AAA encourages motorists to “round up” and recycle their used batteries during its annual Great Battery Roundup. Since it began in 2000, AAA has collected and recycled more than 1,500 auto batteries. This year, the roundup will take place from April 15-22. Motorists can participate by dropping off used vehicle batteries at any AAA owned or AAA Approved Auto Repair facility across the state. For every battery collected, AAA will donate $4 to Keep Phoenix Beautiful or Tucson Clean & Beautiful.
  • Green Shops. AAA helped launched Arizona’s Green Business Automotive program with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, and proudly serves as a certifying authority for the program. Green Shops are environmentally friendly auto repair facilities that find reasonable and cost-effective ways to protect the environment and conserve resources. Pollution prevention measures adopted by Green Shops reduce employees’ exposure to hazardous chemicals and create a safer workplace. To date, there are 29 certified AAA Owned and Approved Green Shops across the state.
  • Electric Vehicle Resources. Last year, AAA introduced rescue resources for electric vehicle owners. In Phoenix and Tucson metro areas, AAA will come to you and provide a 20-minute charge so you can get to a charging station. The auto club also has fixed charging units at several AAA offices and AAA Auto Repair shops across the state. Electric vehicle owners also can download the free AAA Mobile app or use the free AAA TripTik® Travel Planner online to locate a charging station near an address or along a route.

AAA is a go-to source for automotive information. For more information on AAA’s sustainability efforts, visit http://www.az.aaa.com/about-us/supporting-sustainability.

Arizona, the Arizona affiliate of AAA, provides automotive, insurance and travel services to more than 825,000 Arizona members. Annually, AAA’s Roadside Assistance responds to more than 450,000 calls for help on Arizona roadways. The auto club also provides insurance, travel, auto repair, discounts and financial services to AAA members. Since its founding in 1927, AAA Arizona has been a leading advocate for the safety and security of all travelers.