Five Tips to Road Trip like a Pro

AAA to rescue 5,800 Arizona motorists over holiday weekend

Phoenix, May 17, 2013. AAA Arizona is hoping to keep Memorial Day weekend memorable for reasons other than car – or people – problems.

“Historically, the majority of Memorial Day travelers opt for road trips,” said John Walter, director of automotive repair for AAA Arizona. “As an automotive resource, we want to help motorists stay on the road, rather than end up on the side of it.”

AAA is offering the following five tips to make for a happy and successful inaugural summer road trip:

  • Prevent breakdowns: Increased traffic brings an increase of stranded motorists. In fact, AAA expects to come to the rescue of more than 5,800 motorists in Arizona over Memorial Day weekend, up 2.5 percent over last year. More than half of these breakdowns could be prevented with a pre-trip inspection: Check vehicle battery and tire pressure and tread – including the spare – before embarking on a road trip. 
  • Keep child passengers occupied: Make sure kids have plenty to do to help beat boredom. Snacks, pillows, books, puzzles and games will keep kids comfortable and occupy young minds. To help time go by faster, set up strategic departure times so kids are sleeping part of the time, break up the distance traveled and allow for plenty of bathroom breaks.
  • Restrain pets: Like humans, dog passengers should be restrained with seat belts, which are available at pet supply stores. Few people realize that an unrestrained 10-pound dog in a crash at 50 mph can exert up to 500 pounds of force, and in a crash at only 30 mph, an 80-pound dog can create 2,400 pounds of force.
  • Find the cheapest fuel: Arizona currently holds one of the lower fuel averages in the country. To avoid sticker shock when crossing state lines, AAA offers AAA Mobile, a free app for Smartphone users. The app uses GPS navigation to help travelers map gas prices along their route. Learn more about this resource at the unexpected: Be prepared in case a breakdown occurs. All motorists should carry an emergency car care kit in their vehicles, which can be purchased at a AAA office or compiled at home. Kits should include a flashlight, flares, jumper cables, a basic repair kit, cell phone and charger, water and non-perishable snacks.

May is Car Care Month. AAA members are eligible to receive a 36-point vehicle inspection at any AAA Owned or Approved repair facility before embarking on a Memorial Day road trip.

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