EV Jump Start

AAA is continuing to find new ways to support members and their automobiles – including those who choose electric vehicles. AAA deployed a pilot program for mobile EV charging using Light Service Vehicles in 2012, and is now developing a preferred supplier agreement based on the pilot learning.

In addition, AAA is exploring a new idea that involves a more eco-friendly approach. Andromeda Power, an Italian company with manufacturing and offices in Southern California, has developed a "jump start" solution for stranded EVs called the ORCA Inceptive.

A Nissan Leaf fitted with the special CHAdeMO compliant charging unit can transfer 5 kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy to a stranded EV in as little as five minutes. This is good for approximately 15 miles of driving range. The on-board fast charger can fit in the trunk of a Leaf (as shown in the illustration), and delivers power at a rate of up to 50 kW to the stranded vehicle from the host vehicle's battery pack. The charger can also be powered by a variety of other electrical sources and voltages.