AAA Cautions Motorists on Additives and Devices to Improve Fuel Economy

A study by AAA released earlier this year found half of U.S. adults consider gas prices to be too high when it reaches $3.44 per gallon. And when prices start to soar motorists look for ways to save and usually end up buying the highly marketed devices and additives that claim to improve vehicle mileage (and often claim to reduce emissions and improve performance).

AAA has tested dozens of these devices and additives that claim to improve vehicle mileage over the last 30 plus years and has yet to find products that actually improve vehicle mileage significantly. Furthermore, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has also tested many devices with similar results.

Motorists who want to save money on gas should instead look at their driving habits and vehicle maintenance schedule. AAA provides these fuel-saving tips and advice to drivers:

  • Keep your vehicle properly serviced and maintained so it operates efficiently
  • Check and adjust your tire pressure every two weeks to the manufacturer's recommended settings for better economy and longer tire life
  • Accelerate away from a stop at a moderate rate
  • Drive at or just below the speed limit
  • Stay with the flow of traffic instead of frequently hitting the brakes which wastes additional fuel
  • Coast to a stop – you will save fuel and the light might just change to green in your favor before you get there

Take measures to improve your fuel economy. Find a trusted mechanic and money-saving coupons to help keep your car in peak condition.


Source: Auto Club Enterprise Automotive Research Center (ARC)