AAA Advises Drivers to Take Charge of Their Batteries


Club offers tips on maintaining, preserving auto battery during heat wave 


Phoenix, Aug. 14, 2012. Arizona’s summer heat dramatically shortens the lifespan of an auto battery. As a result, AAA experiences a surge in battery-related calls each summer. That’s why the auto club wants to help motorists avoid this vehicle failure.

Last year, between Memorial Day and Labor Day, the auto club responded to more than 46,500 battery-related calls in Arizona alone. This summer, the club already has logged more than 34,600 battery-related calls and expects a 15 percent increase in these calls through the end of the month.

“Because of our dry, desert climate, the lifespan of an auto battery in Arizona is typically no more than 32 months,” said John Walter, general manager of automotive products for AAA Arizona. “If a battery is near the end of its lifespan, the heat wave Arizona is experiencing this month may be enough to push it over the edge. This, in large part, is why we’re anticipating a significant increase in battery-related calls before the end of summer.”


To get the most life out of your auto battery, AAA auto pros suggest the following:

  • Buy smart. Batteries are best installed within the first six months of their manufacture. Before purchasing, look for the battery’s “birthday” code stamped into the top or side of its
    case. AAA batteries come with a 90-day freshness guarantee.


  • Check your battery regularly. As routine maintenance, ask your vehicle technician to clean corrosion from your battery terminals, case, brackets and tray and should be tested at least twice a year. AAA offers members free testing of your battery and charging system.


  • Maintain your battery. Replace loose cables and brackets, as well as a worn or damaged alternator drive belt, which can diminish your vehicle’s ability to recharge the battery.


As a roadside assistance provider that offers mobile battery replacement, AAA can get stranded motorists back on the road either by jump-starting or replacing the battery. If you do need to replace your battery, the club offers:

  • Batteries designed to withstand Arizona’s harsh, desert climate;


  • Members a minimum of $25 off a new battery;


  • A six-year warranty with three years of free replacement.

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