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AAA Member Benefits AAA Classic AAA Plus AAA Premier
Annual membership dues $57.00



Miles of free towing 5 miles 100 miles 200 miles x 1 (per household)
100 miles x 3
5 miles x 1
Emergency fuel and delivery FREE delivery FREE fuel and FREE delivery FREE fuel and FREE delivery
Locksmith reimbursement for car and home $50 (car only) $100 (car only) $150 (car) and $100 (home)
AAA Mobile Battery Service – Save on new battery purchase (not available in all areas) – Premier: Extra $10 off      
AAA Auto Repair Shops – 10% labor discount and 24-month/24,000-mile warranty      
AAA Discounts & Rewards® (shopping, dining, entertainment, travel, and more) – Member saves an average of $86 a year      
Free identity theft monitoring – (a $79 value)      
Accident away from home protection – Premier/Plus: $2,500 | Classic: $1,500      
Coverage options for RVs and motorcycles      
Free passport photos – Premier: 5 sets per year | Plus: 1 set per year      
Trip interruption coverage – Premier: $1,500      
Vehicle return coverage – Premier: $500      
One-day free car rental with a tow      
Emergency travel and medical assistance      
Concierge services      
Dedicated toll-free number      


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