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AAA Member Benefits AAA Classic AAA Plus AAA Premier
Annual membership dues $57.00



Miles of free towing 5 miles 100 miles 200 miles x 1 (per household)
100 miles x 3
5 miles x 1
Emergency fuel and delivery FREE delivery FREE fuel and FREE delivery FREE fuel and FREE delivery
Locksmith reimbursement for car and home $50 (car only) $100 (car only) $150 (car) and $100 (home)
AAA Mobile Battery Service – Save on new battery purchase (not available in all areas) – Premier: Extra $10 off      
AAA Auto Repair Shops – 10% labor discount and 24-month/24,000-mile warranty      
AAA Discounts & Rewards® (shopping, dining, entertainment, travel, and more) – Member saves an average of $86 a year      
Free identity theft monitoring – (a $79 value)      
Accident away from home protection – Premier/Plus: $2,500 | Classic: $1,500      
Coverage options for RVs and motorcycles      
Free passport photos – Premier: 5 sets per year | Plus: 1 set per year      
Vehicle return coverage – Premier: $500      
One-day free car rental with a tow      
Emergency travel and medical assistance      
Concierge services      
Dedicated toll-free number      


Road service benefits are available immediately after membership purchase. Plus and Premier membership benefits are available four days after payment is received. For full membership terms and conditions, visit