AAA Auto Finance

Refinance your loan and lower your car payment.

AAA has partnered with rateGenius to help with your auto refinancing needs through a quick, secure, and FREE service. When you refinance your vehicle, you have the opportunity to save money by lowering the interest rate on your car, truck, SUV, RV, or motorcycle.

That means you could lower your monthly payment and even pay off your vehicle sooner!

RateGenius hosts a virtual marketplace to bring together qualified borrowers and competitive lenders, and they’ve saved consumers thousands of dollars by refinancing their loans. Because there is no charge for you to use rateGenius' services, it's like free money.

When you apply to refinance an auto loan, rateGenius collects your financial information and submits the application to a member of its Lender Network, comprised of more than 200 credit unions, banks, and finance companies. If a lender agrees to make the loan, rateGenius works with you to complete the loan documents and finalize the loan.

To get started, call toll-free 1-888-521-8830.

RateGenius is a Texas corporation located in Austin, licensed with the Texas Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner. RateGenius is licensed in all 50 states.