Five Healthy Travel Tips

Planning a break from your routine by getting away for a weekend or an extended trip? That may improve your mental well-being, but keep your physical health in mind, too. Here are five travel-related tips that will save you trouble and money on the road. If you are traveling internationally, check on recommended or required vaccinations. You may be advised to be vaccinated for cholera, tetanus, tuberculosis, and typhoid, among other diseases. Some vaccinations must be given 2 to 12 weeks before the trip so it’s important to plan ahead.

Flying? Pack medications in a carry-on in case your luggage is lost, stolen, or delayed. Keep drugs in their original container. If you have a prescription for narcotics or syringes, be sure to pack a paper copy of the prescription in your luggage. Also leave a copy of your prescriptions at home with a family member or friend.

If you have a potentially disabling health problem, such as epilepsy or diabetes, wear a Medic Alert identification bracelet or necklace.

Carry a backup prescription for your glasses or contact lenses.

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A little preparation up front makes it easier to safeguard your health and leave your daily stress behind the next time you travel.

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