RoadWise Driver

RoadWise Driver

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Perfect for drivers age 55+, this simple online course helps you learn the skills you need to stay on the road, safely.  While it’s tailored for more mature drivers, anyone can register for and take the course (AAA members receive a 20% discount).

Learn to hone night driving skills, new vehicle technology, and pick up the latest driving tips for today’s drivers. Designed to help you be a better, safer driver, AAA’s RoadWise Driver course also covers topics like:

• Extending your safe driving career
• Distractions, drowsiness, aggressive driving & road rage
• Managing visibility, time & space
• Alcohol & medications
• Comfort & safety tips

It could also save you money – check with your car insurance provider to find out if you’re eligible for a discount on your insurance after taking the course!

Member price: $15.95
Non-member price: $19.95