Solo Travelers

Single Share

Single share is a program that can help match you with another single traveler to avoid paying single supplements.  If you think you might be interested in sharing a room, ask your AAA Travel professional to add you to the single share list.  If another similar traveler (same gender similar age, etc.) comes along that is interested in sharing a room on the same trip, your agent will ask your permission to share your contact information.  At that point the two of you can get in touch and see if you might be compatible travelers.  We strongly encourage anyone considering traveling together with someone they don't know to not only talk on the phone but to meet in person a few times to get to know that person and have frank conversations about their expectations BEFORE committing to a trip.  After you have completed this, if you feel like a compatible match, come back to your AAA Travel professional and they can book you and your companion on the trip.

Single supplements

Single supplements are a widespread travel practice in both the cruise and tour industries. These surcharges can generally be anywhere from 10 to 100 percent or more of the standard rate and are in place because most accommodations, whether in a hotel or on a ship, are priced for double occupancy.

Supplements have been around for decades, but with each year they become more out of sync with the nation’s demographics as the United States grows increasingly single. In fact, about 12 percent of American adults, married or unmarried, plan to travel solo this year, up significantly from 7 percent last year.

Keeping up with that trend, AAA Travel experts have sought out some great options for individuals who want to travel alone.

Uniworld Boutique River Cruises
Single travelers can choose from a variety of itineraries where the single supplement has been waived, including a 13-day cruise from Vienna to Amsterdam and an 8-day Parisian Holiday cruise. Uniworld also offers reduced single supplements on the 8-day Portugal, Spain, and Douro River Valley cruise.
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For single travelers willing to share a room, Trafalgar Vacations allows you to purchase selected vacations on a room sharing basis on the majority of their itineraries through the guaranteed room share option. They'll match you with a roommate, and you get to make a new friend! If they're unable to match you, they'll provide you with a single room at no additional cost.
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For more information on booking a solo vacation, contact AAA Travel toll-free at 1-888-870-9408 or stop by your local AAA office.