AAA Mobile Electric Vehicle Charging

AAA is the only resource you need if your Electric Vehicle battery runs low while you're on the road

AAA now offers rescue resources for Electric Vehicle owners: mobile charging vehicles, fixed charging stations, and charging station locators. If your Electric Vehicle runs out of charge on the road, AAA can charge your battery on the spot.

Mobile charging AAA will come to you and provide a 20-minute charge so you can get to a charging station. Mobile Electric Vehicle charging vehicles are available in the Phoenix and Tucson metro areas. If you need a charge, call the roadside assistance number on your AAA card: 1-800-AAA-HELP (222-4357).

Charging stations AAA recently installed charging units at several AAA offices and AAA Auto Repair shops across the state, including:

Locate a charging station Download the free AAA TripTik Mobile smartphone app or use the free AAA TripTik® Travel Planner online to locate a charging station near an address or along a route.