Dear Mr. Shultz: Recently, I purchased the fourth family vehicle through the AAA Car Buying Program, and the ultimate reason is due to Mike Willand at the Sun City West office. From the first to the fourth vehicle purchased, Mike has taken a genuine interest in my family vehicle needs and each time has fulfilled those needs in a very timely and professional manner. Mike analyzed the prevailing conditions and was right on the mark with the make/model, price, financing and warranty options he presented back to us. Mike's exceptional knowledge of the vehicles, financing, licensing and warranty items put my mind at ease and reduced the stress that we all know we can experience when looking for a vehicle. Overall, it was a great car buying experience each time and I so appreciate Mike's integrity in striving to do such an excellent job> I would not hesitate to recommend Mike or contact him for any future vehicle purchases I may have.   Sincerely, Donna B. - Donna Batie
We just purchased a NEW Honda CRV with Paul's assistance this past week. We saw him for the first time at the end of last week on Jan 10th and we picked up the new car on Jan 14th. Now that is amazing service. We thought we should just get a used car as our second car, not thinking we could really afford a new car. Paul took the time to show us in detail how we did have the ability to get a new car with the great low interest rates many of the dealers are now offering and why it was such a better value for the money. And of course we added the AAA Extended Warranty so we are covered for 120,000 miles or 10 years. What peace of mind. I could go on and on about how friendly, patient, thorough and professional Paul was during this process. He made it so fun and easy. I will try very hard to find friends of mine that are in the car market and suggest they use this AAA service. As a AAA member for 33 years I cannot say enough good things about Paul Leeman and this great service. Thanks. - Leif J.
As I'm a very busy professional and mom, I don't often take the time to comment on personal experiences based on purchases etc. However, as I know they do matter a great deal I wanted to be sure to take time out of my day today and send well deserved kudos your way for Paul. Simply, I have never had an easier car buying experience in my life! After becoming a mom, and having a small child who was sure to wreak havoc on any car dealership, I knew my stress level would not tolerate a "day at the dealership". So, we investigated the AAA Car Buying program and we were more than pleased with the results. Paul was flexible with my schedule from the moment of the first meeting, all the way up to the delivery of the car. He was attentive to our needs and wants, quick, simple and NOT pushy. Everything a car buying experience should be, but nobody gets when visiting a dealership. We were able to maintain our sanity, and get into a great new car deal. I don't think I'll ever buy a car through a dealer again. Please be sure to do whatever necessary to keep Paul happily employed so that we may use his services again for our next purchase. He was an A+! - Emily B.
Mr. Shultz, I would like to thank you and AAA's Car Buying service for helping us to find our first car. I would especially like to recognize the hard work of Paul Leeman, our car buying consultant, who worked long and hard to find us a really great vehicle. My husband is active duty military and we have been stationed in Japan for the last 3 years. Our move this month marks some major changes as we start to set up our first home together in the US. Paul worked with us ahead of our move by email and phone and was very understanding of the challenges we faced in trying to line up a car for our arrival home. Paul found us an amazing 2010 Toyota Tacoma and throughout the whole purchasing process, we were confident in the information and advice that he gave us. My husband, who was initially reluctant to try a car buying service, was impressed throughout by the quality of the options Paul found, the ease of the paperwork (he was very excited not to have to go to the MVD!), and the final price of the truck. This is the 4th used car that Paul has helped my family to find and purchase, and we have always been happy with the vehicles and how easy Paul is to work with. We will be happy to recommend him to friends in the future, and hope you know how lucky the AAA team is to have him. Thank you for putting together such a great program! - Alyssa M.
Hi Mr. Shultz, I wanted to send you a short note about how happy and pleased I was with Paul Leeman.  The last new car I bought was in 1997. The only thing I remember about that purchase was being at the dealership all day.   I spoke with Paul on the phone on a Wednesday, let him know what I was looking for, made an appointment to see him on Monday. I walked in on Monday spoke with Paul, completed a few forms, test drove a Honda Accord, which all took less then 30 minutes. On Friday I drove home in my new 2013 Honda Accord LX!  The whole process must have taken 1 hour, if that.  Paul was great through the whole process.. Needless to say, it was one of the best experiences I have ever had! I've been talking to everyone about using AAA Car Buying when they're ready to buy a new or used car. Thanks Again. P.S. I just love my new Honda Accord LX!!! - Sonja A.
Mr. Shultz, I wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was to buy my new "used" car with Paul Leeman! I have used the AAA Car Buying service in the past to purchase a total of 3 used vehicles.  I had such a wonderful experience with AAA and Luther Germundson with those purchases that my first choice for another used vehicle was to go back to AAA!  I have been a member of AAA since 1973. When I contacted AAA and spoke with Paul, he was very helpful, friendly, courteous, and very knowledgeable regarding what was available related to the type of car that I wanted.  He asked questions about the type of car that I wanted, and evaluated my trade (a 1999 Ford Taurus purchased from AAA in 2000).  I have been very happy with my Taurus, which had 11,000 miles when I purchased it in 2000 and now was just shy of 140,000 miles.  I had informed Paul that I needed to do some test drives on the cars that I was interested in purchasing on the recommendation from my long time car mechanic--Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, and Nissan Altima.  Paul and I were able to schedule a time (President's Day) so that I could go to your warehouse and do the test drives including the Hyundai Sonata, which Paul had mentioned.  I contacted my mechanic regarding this car and did some research on my own regarding the Hyundai Sonata prior to going down to the warehouse.  Paul had asked whether I had considered that car because it had a good rating and compared with the other vehicles on my "wish list."  Paul had stated that several people had purchased this car and were very happy with it.  When my sister, Karen, and I arrived at the warehouse, several of the cars that I was interested in were in inventory including a Hyundai Sonata.  I drove the 2011 Hyundai Sonata first and really liked it.  It was even in the preferred color or lack of color - white.  Then I drove a Nissan Altima, Toyota Camry, and lastly a Honda Accord Crosstour.  Paul was very helpful in getting these cars out of the warehouse, helping with my seat adjustment, explaining the features of each car, and answered any questions that Karen and I had regarding each car.  He was also very intuitive as to how I was reacting about the particular car I was driving, its feel, and whether I was fidgety in the driver's seat (more or less) in the cars.  He would take one car back to the warehouse, back it in, get another car, and so on.  I decided after driving all four cars that I wanted to drive the Hyundai Sonata again because I felt comfortable in the car and thought it really drove better than the other three.  After driving the Hyundai Sonata again, Karen and I discussed the features and feel of the car, and decided that was the car that I wanted to purchase.  I informed Paul about my decision to purchase the Hyundai, shook hands, and made arrangements to pick up the car at the Greenway Road AAA office on Tuesday, 2/19. When Karen and I arrived at the Greenway Road AAA, the car was was already there and waiting for me!  The paperwork was a breeze, and Paul was even able to get a duplicate title for my Taurus because I couldn't find it at home.  Paul explained all the paperwork, gave me my copies and the owner's manual, took off my "vanity" plates from the Taurus, and transferred my floor mats to the new car.  he also explained the extended warranty and Lojack. I have always thought AAA Car Buying Service was the way to purchase any car and have recommended the service to friends because you don't have to deal with a dealer and pushy, aggressive salespeople.  I had the same wonderful experience with Paul and will continue to recommend Paul and AAA Car Buying Service!  When we are ready to get a new "used" car for Karen, Paul will be the first one I call. - Linda K.
Hello Mr. Shultz: Last week I purchased a new vehicle through AAA with the help of Michael Willand. This was my first experience with AAA and I wanted to let you know what a wonderful experience it was thanks to Mr. Willand. I have purchased many vehicles over the years and this was by far the best. He was extremely helpful, informative, patient, understanding, considerate and such a pleasure to work with. Not only will I purchase my next vehicle through him but I will refer all of my family & friends to him as well. I must say Michael is truly a vital part of the success of AAA with the effective use of his skills, competence and knowledge. - Angie M.
Good Evening Joe, My name is Ryan K. and I recently purchased a used car through the AAA Car Buying Service at the Chandler, AZ office.  I wanted to take a moment to compliment the job Wade Wilkinson did for my girlfriend and I. We recently moved to Chandler with no car and no clue about the city.  It quickly became clear that we needed a car after years of that being unnecessary in Minneapolis.  We spent hours on end browsing used car inventories at various dealers around the area and had miserable luck/results for about two weeks.  Your car buying assistance service was recommended to me by Cindy in Insurance and she passed my contact information to Wade.  Within just a few days, Wade identified a car that met our demands.  He picked me up from work on a lunch break to take a test drive and even came to our home on a Saturday morning to finalize the sale.  He was extremely knowledgeable and beyond accommodating throughout the entire process.  We never felt uncomfortable or pushed to purchase, which we greatly appreciated.  He explained the process clearly and all of the additional services that were available through the program.  I will recommend your service to anyone I know who is buying a car and Wade will be the first one I contact if I am ever in the market again.   Thank you very much for running an excellent service and I look forward to any future business I may have with the AAA Car Buying Service. - Ryan K.
Dear Bill, Thank you so much for taking care of my car when I needed help the most! When I called you on Thursday you asked if I was home and I was. You sent me a driver with a loaner car within an hour. The next morning you called to say my car was cured/repaired and a driver was on the way to my house to bring my car home. Amazing to me! My car was shining with a wash (and wax according to me), the gas tank was full, the faulty windshield wiper was replaced, the remote transmitter was working and your driver said there was no charge. You were heaven sent! So many challenges before me right now and you absolutely turned my day whole day around. Thank you from my heart. I am so glad I turned to AAA Car Buying and Bill Halvorsen when I needed a new car. I will always recommend you with the highest praise. Thank you Bill. - Roberta R.
We have been contemplating the purchase of a new car for some time now but we both dreaded the experience of dealing with local Toyota dealerships due to our past experience. In 2004, we drove to a Tucson Toyota dealership with the intention of buying a new Camry and were met with lukewarm reception. We subsequently drove to another Tucson Toyota dealer where they asked to drive the trade-in and held the keys captive so we couldn't leave. After too long a wait, Mary (all 5 ft. of her) lost her Italian temper and the keys were promptly returned and ONLY when we were in our our car and ready to leave, did they come up with a reasonable offer and we ended up buying a car. When we saw the AAA car buying ad in Highroads (we have been AAA members for 21 years), we jumped on the opportunity to call the 800 number, and voila, we ended up with your "can do it" consultant in Tucson. He called us on July 13; he met us on July 14 to assess the trade-in. We told him we wanted either a 2012 Camry or a 2012 Lexus, and gave him a short list as to color, model, etc. We drove away in our new Lexus on July 23rd, completely satisfied with the transaction and the smooth way that Oscar put it all together. Our respect for AAA was reinforced and are sure you will have continued success with employees like the one who assisted us. We have thanked him personally, but would appreciate your acknowledging his efforts. - Bob & Mary B.