Dear Mr. Shultz: I am writing you this letter to recommend Mr. Rispoli for the AAA service award. Carl has been my car buying consultant on two occasions in the past 1 1/2 years. On both occasions he has exemplified the word "service". In Webster's dictionary the word "serve" and "service" have these definitions: * To be worthy of reliance and trust * To furnish/supply something that is needed * To provide services that benefit and help * To contribute to the welfare of others I would like to explain how Carl has demonstrated these qualities: In the fall of 2014 my 1996 Camry started having specific mechanical and safety issues. It was stalling at lights or stalling halfway through intersections. This was very concerning to me and four times AAA had to tow my car for repairs between November and December. I had to resort to rental cars for several weeks because I couldn't trust or rely on my Camry. It was time to replace it. A very good friend of mine recommended Carl. I have been a loyal AAA member since 1977 and have been extremely pleased with the services I have received for 39 years. When my friend told me about Carl he assured me that "I could trust him and he would take good care of me". This was absolutely true. I contacted Carl in December of 2014 and explained my situation. He was pleasant, supportive and professional. I let him know that I had been a loyal Toyota owner since 1977 and wanted to continue that legacy. He was positive that he could find me another Camry. Soon after that initial conversation he found a 2009 Toyota Camry XLE with only 40,000 miles on it, several extras and in excellent condition. On December 26, 2014 I purchased the 2009 Camry. As we began the proceedings Carl made one particular statement that stands out in my memory. He said "I'm here to take the scary out of buying a new car". He told of his extensive experience at dealerships and how he was happy to be working for AAA with a much more positive work environment. He took the time to explain that AAA members wanted a car buying service that catered specifically to them with the history of excellent standards. The AAA reputation is evident in a rigorous inspection process for each prospective pre-owned vehicle to be sold. I put my trust in Carl and in the AAA reputation and I was very pleased. The 2009 Camry was an excellent car and I felt safe and secure driving it each day. That safety and security was tested on Aug 7, 2016. I was driving home and my mind was focused on finishing lesson plans and seating charts for the first day of school. All of the sudden a truck struck my car on the passenger side spinning me around and deploying my side airbag. Fortunately, I was o.k. and so was the other driver. The 2009 Camry saved my life that day but the bad news was that this beautiful car was a total loss. I knew I needed Carl's help again but it would be a very awkward and embarrassing phone call for me. I had to summon up enough courage to tell him that after all he had done for me, my 2009 Camry was a total loss. Carl was sorry for my loss and happy I was o.k.. He showed his caring and support for me in this statement: "We can always find you another Camry but we can never find another Gwen". The only other person who would have said those encouraging words would have been my father, had he been alive today. This time we had a timeline of three weeks in a covered rental car. Carl promised to put out an "all points search" to replace what I had lost. In the third week my prayers were answered. Carl called to tell me wonderful news. He found a 2013 Camry XLE Hybrid, champagne color, with even lower miles and in excellent condition. How was this possible? Thanks to Carl's hard work, perseverance and positive attitude I have a beautiful new car and my life is back in order again. Throughout these three weeks Carl was always available to talk with me, give me updates, answer any questions or assure me that things were going to work out for the best. In my opinion, great service is hard to come by and should be recognized. Through Carl's efforts he has turned a very negative situation into an extremely positive outcome. I am grateful to Carl for helping to give me a great new start to my school year! I would highly recommend Carl Rispoli to my family, friends and co-workers for his service has been OUTSTANDING. Sincerely, Gwen F.   - Joe Shultz
Michael, Thanks for the Birthday Wishes! Thanks for helping our friends Larry and Pat with the purchase of their new Kia. They love their Kia as much as we love ours. Buying a car through AAA and YOU is, as my mother used to say the best thing since Santa Clause! We can't tell people enough about the wonderful service you provided us. We have put off buying a car for YEARS just to avoid the nightmare of the prospect of purchasing a new vehicle at a dealership, and All that goes with that! Thank you for making that nightmare into a dream. You are great at what you do! Sincerely, Ray & Chris S - Joe Shultz
My wife, Robin, and I are 37+ year AAA members, largely in Southern California. We would not have the tenure we do were it not for the fine, responsive service of AAA's staff and vendors. We recently opted to try your Car Buying service at the Greenway Office (...after I received a very professional introduction on the subject by your representative) for the very first time. Despite the fine introduction to the service, my wife and I were both fairly dubious that the results would really end up matching the claims. I would like to share with you that the service we received and the associated results more than satisfied our expectations, and we are now proud owners of a new 2017 SUV thanks to the efforts of Peter Murillo. It is not often in these times that an individual is both well versed in his/her trade and consistently produces results. Although we can only speak to our experience, it was very clear to Robin and me that Peter was a total professional focused on nothing less than achieving the members' desired results. He was articulate, easy to communicate with, proactive, imaginative, technically proficient and member focused. Our experience was most satisfying, largely because of Peter's efforts and attitude. You are very fortunate to have such a representative. He has truly made us a believer in your service, which we will willingly share with our member friends. Thought you'd want to know. Well done! Regards, Steve W - Joe Shultz
Hi Ed, Things are going well both with baby Ramona and the car. I love the car and it is working amazingly. Thank you for helping me with the purchase and making it so easy. I have been telling everyone how easy the process was. Brian K - Joe Shultz
I can't thank you enough for your recommendation to use Gabe Heck with AAA to help me find a car. He is honest and trustworthy. He will help you find any car you are looking for ... new or used. What was most helpful for me was his knowledge base, years of experience and hard work. He brought 3 financing options to the table ready for me to decide what was best for me. In the world of car buying it is terrific to have some one working for you! Thanks Again Thomas S. I could not agree more. He found me exactly what I wanted in a brand new 2017 model at a great price. So much better than going to a dealer! He brought the cars to me to test drive. Cannot say enough. Eileen K. - Joe Shultz
Hi Sarah, Six months and another 11,000 miles added to the odometer. I just returned from a 6000 mile trip to the midwest carrying a huge cage, where my 17 year old cat rode, and a million pounds of her food, toys, litter, bedding, etc and the car was wonderful. I learned something new about traveling, you don't have to take everything with you because there are stores everywhere you go. Lord have mercy I'm going with one bag from now on and no cat. Love the car. Love the guys at AAA on Camelback. Love you and have recommended your service to my granddaughter who will be looking for a used car soon. Her name is Chloe and she will call you when she is ready. Keep up the good work. Marsha - Marsha
Joe, I want to share our experiences we had with Brian.  About a month ago, Brian and I met and discussed the car we were looking for and maybe trade ours. From that moment, Brian was always on top of everything and giving us advice. He went out of his way and give us the best service we have had. He did a lot of searching and always kept us inform on the progress.  After many calls, Brian was always professional, polite, never lost his patience and made sure we were satisfied with the new car. Brian is an asset to your Company, so make sure you keep him around. You can tell that he enjoys his work and he is very knowledgeable. He gave us the best and excellent service and I would recommend him anytime.   - Al and Joelle V.
Mr. Shultz, Good Morning! My name is Dianne and my husband's name is Richard, and we live in Casa Grande.  Back on the 13th of Feb., we had traveled to Los Angeles for my husband to run the LA Marathon.  We went to the AAA office to obtain a map of LA so that I could use it when driving around the course in order to meet my husband at various spots. When we were in the office, my husband noticed a sign that said, “Car Buying through AAA. Let us help you buy your next vehicle.”  We were both surprised and said, “We need to see about this process once we get back home.” (We were going to start the process of looking into getting another vehicle. We were dreading it!!!) So my husband called and talked to Mr. Campbell after we got back asking about the process and what steps we needed to take. At that time, we were looking for a vehicle we could tow w/our RV, mainly at Jeeps since we previously had, had at least 3 and we towed them.  Well after my husband did lots of research and found out that the Chevy Equinox has the best reviews for safety and towing, we decided on that type of vehicle.  Richard called Bob and told him we changed our requests to an Equinox (a lower model) and the color.  The color I first wanted was a dark color. He said, “No problem.”  Bob then called us a few days later, and let us know that there were not many out there. Meanwhile, we had seen a champagne color and said, “That’s the color!” Richard called and told Bob that we wanted to change not only the color, but to the higher model.  Bob was so patient and understanding and quickly let us know that he would look for one.  A few days later he found one and asked if we would like to come over and see it.  We saw it and we agreed to buy it. Bob said he’d take it back to dealer and install a hitch as we requested and he would have it ready for us on Monday the 29th.  So on Monday, we bought the car from AAA.  Bob did all the work on this transaction and made it so PAINLESS!!  He was a true professional and was so easy to work with throughout this process. I wrote the following e-mail to him to let him know how we felt. “Bob, first off, we thank you for all your work and assistance. You were great and we are letting people know how great it was going thru you!!! (Meaning AAA and his expertise.) So, I hope you’ll commend him on his great work and he is a definite asset to AAA.  We’ll let more people know about AAA’s process.  Sincerely, - Dianne & Richard K
Please allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Alan, and I recently worked with Peter Murillo at AAA Car Buying in the Paradise Valley location for the purchase of my new 2016 Lexus RC200t.  I purchased the car from him on February 10, 2016.   I am a big believer in registering a complaint when service is not up to par, but also believe in writing when the service has been great.  In this case, I'd like you to know that not only was Peter very professional and a true pleasure to work with, but he made the entire car buying process very easy and straightforward.  From the first phone call that I made to him, he was very polite and informative about the process.     Throughout the entire process, he kept me well informed on how things were moving along, responded very quickly to any emails I sent him or voicemail messages that I left for him, and just did a great job.  I will admit that, in my opinion, I was a fairly high maintenance client, as I had a number of questions and was concerned since I was making a large financial investment in my new Lexus.  Peter was very patient with me, and took the time to answer all of my questions in order to ensure that I was comfortable and understood the entire process.   I would definitely consider working with Peter again, and would highly recommend him to anyone I knew who was buying a car and wanted to avoid the hassle of buying through a dealership. - Alan L.
We recently purchased a 2016 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 from Bob Campbell with AAA Car Buying Service.  Bob made the process very easy and painless.  He was right on the mark with the cost estimate and the truck actually arrived with some options I didn't know the truck would have!  He is extremely professional, friendly and trustworthy.  I was totally satisfied with Bob's help and will recommend him to others.  I will not hesitate using Bob in the future for any car buying!  Many thanks to Bob and his service!   - Jon H.