Hi Sarah, Just wanted to follow up with you and say that I am loving the car. It is the perfect fit for me and it's still kind of surreal that it's all mine. Thank you so much for your help and taking the time out to find me my perfect car at a great financing rate. Words can't express how much I appreciate it! I'll try and send as many people your way as I can because it was truly an amazing, stress-free car buying experience. Thanks again so much - Christian F.
Carl, Thank you so much for making car buying a pleasure. Your knowledge of the vehicle, efforts to get us what we wanted and customer service ethic make you that proverbial "pearl of great price". I can't imagine ever getting a car the "old way" again.   - Carol
Sarah:   A long overdue but still very sincere thank you for making my recent car buying experience so pleasurable and so easy.   As you know, I was involved in a car accident with my 2011 Lexus and the car was totaled.  I obviously needed to replace my car so I called you after obtaining your name from Deb, our excellent AAA Travel Agent.   I wanted a new Lexus and you quickly responded to my call.  I told you what I wanted, a 2015 Lexus ES 350 and you contacted your sources.  You obtained the exact car I requested in the color and finishes I wanted.  You got the car quickly and I picked it up just a matter of days after initially contacting you.  You delivered the car exactly as you stated.    In the interim, I had contacted the Lexus dealer in Scottsdale where I have had my Lexus' serviced and repaired.  I was assigned a salesman and looked at the Lexus cars they had available on the lot.  They had neither the color or the amenities I desired and I was quoted a much higher price than you were able to get.  To have been able to purchase the car I wanted in the color I wanted could have taken them up to two weeks to obtain.  So you obtained the car I wanted quickly and were able to get it to me at a much lower price than I was quoted by the dealer.   You made the entire car buying experience, something I do not like or enjoy, simple and easy.  You handled my transaction swiftly, and you made the entire process an effortless joy.   I would never buy a car again without using the excellent AAA Car Buying Service and I hope when that opportunity again becomes necessary that you will still be available to assist me.  I have also convinced at least one person to use the AAA Car Buying Service to purchase any future cars.     Thank you so much for making my recent car buying experience so simple and so pleasurable.     - Christopher F
To whom this may concern: I am sure you are aware of the valued employee you have in Ed Bukoski. He is most professional, knowledgeable, and excels in public relations. He is dedicated to his clients and always goes the extra mile to be sure all the "t's" are crossed and "I's" are dotted. During this past month he went over and beyond the call of duty. He met many challenges helping us purchase a new car for our adult daughter who had just gone through a divorce. Not only did she have no credit due to the short sale of the home, but the car that she was trading which was awarded to her through the divorce was still listed as owned by the ex-husband. Ed had to do extra work to resolve these problems. Then to top it of, we (her parents) were trading in our second car which had not been driven for over a year due to my husband's health. The battery was dead so we could not get the mileage which caused Ed more work. The car had to be towed to AAA. Ed had paperwork challenges as well as car trade-in challenges. He worked one step at a time...got a great deal on a car that will not only be safe and will provide good gas mileage. Ed had a volume of paperwork finalizing this deal. Due to our unusual circumstances, he had to make so many extra trips to obtain signatures, check the cars for trade-in, etc. The time he has spent working with us has been enormous, yet he was always most pleasant with a very positive attitude. In our opinion, Ed really looks after his clients. He certainly earned our respect and praise. He made us realize that AAA has our best interest at heart. Believe me, we will tell others what Ed did for us. He has treated our daughter like she was his own. We worked with Ed a year ago when we bought an Altima. My husband was very ill and we could not have dealt with car salesman. Ed got us the best deal!! He was always so pleasant and he was always there for our best interest. He is most knowledgeable and knows what to suggest that would be for our best interest. We just want to reiterate that you have a valued employee and we cannot give him enough praise for his dedication and concern for his customers. It takes a very special person to put the client first and to look after their well-being. Ed is one in a million and we feel so fortunate to be able to call on him when we are looking for a new car. This is a wonderful service provided by AAA and we will tell others regarding our extremely satisfying experience.   - Nancy and Don M.
Hi all, Just wanted to send a note to express how happy my wife and I were with our buying experience at AAA. We had visited quite a few regular dealers and big box auto stores and could not find what we were looking for and didn't enjoy dealing with them. After 5 minutes at AAA my wife commented, "Why didn't we just start here?" The experience with Bill was head and shoulders above all our other dealings with vendors in looking for a car. Thanks again, - Randy C.
Dear Ms. Lenox I want to take this opportunity to express my thanks for the service i recently received in your car buying division.  15 years ago my husband purchased a honda Accord though AAA West. At that time he was amazed and pleased with the ease of the purchase.  it was time to turn the car in after 178,000 miles.  I emailed and very quickly Kevin Gordon phoned me.  i told him what i was looking for and in no time he emailed a photo in fact several photos and I believe a call.  I said I needed a little time and would get back to him.  I truly appreciated that he did not pressure me.  i did get back and we started the process.  he truly made it a very easy purchase. Kevin delivered my Honda and took my car for a trade in. he was patient with me and I never felt rushed.  I have recommended the service to others and will continue to do so. Service like I just received deserves to be commented on. Sincere Thanks,   - Regina Z.
We just wanted to let you know what a great job Mr. Gabe Heck did for us in getting us into a new car through AAA. I have purchased a lot of new cars but I have never had the service and concern shown by Gabe. He made many phone calls and spent a very long day plus part of his weekend making sure we were getting the best deal possible on our new Toyota. You can be assured that I will be telling anyone who is looking for a car, new or used, to make sure they talk to Gabe. He is a great asset to AAA and one you can put your trust in to doing the very best he can for his clients. - Frederick C.
Dear Mr. Shultz: Recently, I purchased the fourth family vehicle through the AAA Car Buying Program, and the ultimate reason is due to Mike Willand at the Sun City West office. From the first to the fourth vehicle purchased, Mike has taken a genuine interest in my family vehicle needs and each time has fulfilled those needs in a very timely and professional manner. Mike analyzed the prevailing conditions and was right on the mark with the make/model, price, financing and warranty options he presented back to us. Mike's exceptional knowledge of the vehicles, financing, licensing and warranty items put my mind at ease and reduced the stress that we all know we can experience when looking for a vehicle. Overall, it was a great car buying experience each time and I so appreciate Mike's integrity in striving to do such an excellent job> I would not hesitate to recommend Mike or contact him for any future vehicle purchases I may have. - Donna B.
Hello Mr. Shultz: Last week I purchased a new vehicle through AAA with the help of Michael Willand. This was my first experience with AAA and I wanted to let you know what a wonderful experience it was thanks to Mr. Willand. I have purchased many vehicles over the years and this was by far the best. He was extremely helpful, informative, patient, understanding, considerate and such a pleasure to work with. Not only will I purchase my next vehicle through him but I will refer all of my family & friends to him as well. I must say Michael is truly a vital part of the success of AAA with the effective use of his skills, competence and knowledge. - Angie M.
Good Evening Joe, My name is Ryan K. and I recently purchased a used car through the AAA Car Buying Service at the Chandler, AZ office.  I wanted to take a moment to compliment the job Wade Wilkinson did for my girlfriend and I. We recently moved to Chandler with no car and no clue about the city.  It quickly became clear that we needed a car after years of that being unnecessary in Minneapolis.  We spent hours on end browsing used car inventories at various dealers around the area and had miserable luck/results for about two weeks.  Your car buying assistance service was recommended to me by Cindy in Insurance and she passed my contact information to Wade.  Within just a few days, Wade identified a car that met our demands.  He picked me up from work on a lunch break to take a test drive and even came to our home on a Saturday morning to finalize the sale.  He was extremely knowledgeable and beyond accommodating throughout the entire process.  We never felt uncomfortable or pushed to purchase, which we greatly appreciated.  He explained the process clearly and all of the additional services that were available through the program.  I will recommend your service to anyone I know who is buying a car and Wade will be the first one I contact if I am ever in the market again.   Thank you very much for running an excellent service and I look forward to any future business I may have with the AAA Car Buying Service. - Ryan K.